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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  December 17, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EST

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>> it is thursday, december 17. erica: randi y off today. violence in boston. hours after a peace gathering police are targeting. concerns. the plan president obama has to address this issue. returns to theaters tonight. increased security and the movie marathon under way right now. erica: from want to check in with mike wankum. again. mike: it is a little bit of an issue. we see how we have got some pockets of colder air?
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drizzle out there, the national weather service has issued a freezing rain advisory. it is really across parts of new hampshire. to be honest, cisco' s until 9:00 a.m. the biggest threat is off the coast. i do not think it is going to be a big issue but that threat is out there through 9:00. you see the drizzle more prevalent across parts of maine. that is where i think we have some issues. otherwise, cloudy skies, spot drizzle not a problem because the temperatures are above the 32 degree mark. but a chance of seeing rain today. along with that, the showers get a.m.. once we get to 2:00, look at -- do you know what this means? the evening me commute is going to be slow. tonight. you get the idea -- today is
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cooling for the weekend. details on that coming up in a few minutes. let' s talk about the roadways. olessa: a liv e look outside at the leverett connector. some overnight construction is in place early this morning. if you' re heading out the door, 93 south, some more road work. farther south, 128 nor thbound. the pike looks good. 93 south wide-open out of methuen to the leverett connector. trains and buses to start the morning on schedule. emily: city and community leaders are preparing to launch a new effort after another outbreak of violence in boston' s south end. a shooting coming hours after a rally to make that neighborhood safety. frank: the latest shooting happened last night near mass ave and washington street. we' re told that man was shot in
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shootings in a week, there is a peace rally planned for later today. last night t he police commissioner took place and a standing room only meeting on crime. he told the crowd that the violence is targeted and gang related but neighbors say it is only part of the problem. 90% of the city' s homeless population find shelter on the south end. residents a some of them bring signs of drug addiction. >> walk my dog with a sharps box. the south end we feel as a dumping ground. these people are real people who need help. frank: one of the recent shootings happened on tremont street. itw as fatal. the peace march starts at 5:00. the mayor and the police chief are expected to attend. emily: president obama is for. you get an update on security at
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doug: in hours, the president will visit the national counterterrorism center in virginia to get an update on the threat level in the u.s. then he is expected to address the media. that meeting comes a day before the president is expected to travel to california to meet with families of those killed in the recent mass shooting and san bernardino. the shooter believed to have been an isis sympathizer. the president will stop in california on a way to hawaii for his christmas vacation. yesterday he met with michael bloomberg, a gun control advocate. mr. obama is preparing an executive order to tighten gun laws. emily: old dynamite exploded. police are investigating where it came from. the explosives were found by the new owner of a business on
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it is unclear where the explosives came from. erika: the operator of the t' s runaway train is out of a job. david vasquez was originally suspended. yesterday he was fired. he was the operator of that red line train that took off without him. his lawyer calls the firing a rush to judgment. emily: the city of baltimore is largely peaceful this morning after some protests over a police officer' s mistral. officer was charged in the death of freddie gray. every officer in the city was on duty last night to address potential crowds. the rallies were mostly quiet. that was not the case immediately after a hung jury. chaos outside the chaos led sheriffs to form a barrier in front of the building. the mayor and gray' s family urging calm. >> we ask the
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we are confident there will be another trial. emily: porter will be tried again with a different panel. he was charged with manslaughter after freddie gray died from injuries he suffered in police custody. theo other five officers charged to get to go on trial. the highly anticipated new star wars movie hits theaters tonight and added police presence will accompany the movie. sera: talk about some diehard fans. they lined up early this morning to watch a marathon of all star wars episodes before "the force awakens" tonight at 7:00. the first showing josh 3:30. -- 3:30. there is concern about theaters. they are adding security both inside and out. they are expecting thousands of
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please troubled by recent terror attacks will be keeping close watch. >> i' m sure we are going to have a very crowded lobby in there as well. we will have a lot of people there. we want to have an officer maintain peace and good order. sera: a warning to fans who might want to wear costumes. some theaters are banning masks and face paint. the best thing to do is to check with the theater. emily: thank you. a coast guard officer charged in a child porn case. erika: why police nam to the same man over the weekend. plus this -- >> you' re not coming in and less you are tom brady. erika: a christmas wish for a young girl with cancer. the response from the patriots
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emily: a close card petty officer is under arrest on trumpet on the fee charges -- he' s being held while he awaits
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ross had been arrested over the weekend charged with his second oui offense. erika: its still unclear was forced the principle out. he engaged in inappropriate conduct through his school issued computer. none of the allegations involved any swampscott students. the da' s office will not safe it is investigating. school officials and law could have some answers about a race a group -- racist group text. the messages when viral after students selected as class president. some may comments on lynching. the superintendent one of the report on the school' s response before meeting yesterday. that did not happen. but it is expected to. a college professor suspended over comments about christianity.
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emily: for the first time in decades, the mt. washington rao oad will be open. there is no snow. the tour is only up to the tree line. it speaks to the incredibly warm december where having. mike: i remember taking a sled down that auto road. emily: all of the skiers are shedding a little tear. mike: let me show you the temperatures this month. incredibly mild out there. even yesterday which was relatively cool is still above average. i do want to point this out that a year ago we were saying the sa me story. we were talking about how mild it was -- and we really got slammed in january and february. the winter is still very young. 41 degrees. dew point 35. the southeasterly wind at 13 miles per hour is trying to pump
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pockets up to the north. look at the readings. locations. austin is at 41 degrees. that is our typical height of 41 that is our typical high temperature. areas to the northwest will stay in the 40' s and warmer as you look towards the south because of that southeasterly winds. satellite and radar. i' m getting reports of a pocket of drizzle here or there. really when you' re going to need the windshield wipers as when we get to this afternoon. that is when they start to move in. the evening commute right now looking pretty slow. 11:00 this morning -- some scattered showers around. then as we head towards the afternoon, this is 2:00. you can see the rain sitting to the west. it is headed in this direction.
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commute is going to be on the slow side. i 6:00, the study showers are down to the south. i think the south coast is the area to see the heavy rain. we could not rule out the possibility of a rumble of thunder. that is how unstable the atmosphere is. it will kick his way through by 9:00. we are down to a few scattered showers. we do not have to worry about ice overnight and i because about? inch of rain in some areas but down to the south we saw heavier bands, we could see as much as an inch of rain. here is the way breaks down over the next seven days. today 50 degrees. tomorrow 52. there is a lot of clouds hanging around. a spot shower advocate. it will not be a big issue. had to the weekend. basically it is looking sunny. a little disturbance moving through on saturday. windy and there could be a scattered flurry or two. a hint of the holiday season.
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we warm up. we can have record he by the time we get close to christmas. emily: this is unbelievable. mike: you know, it always is going to change. you have nice traffic and then somebody drop something off the back of the carpet olessa: so far we are in good shape. a live look outside of the pike. that is eastbound moving to the top of the screen. so far so good. let' s check the rest of the ride. no problems. overnight construction remains 93 south. 10-15. the express line, no problems. 95 just fine. there is construction on 128 north. eastbound on the pike you' re good to go. heading out of new hampshire down into boston. expected to start on schedule. security department has announced the first terror warning that falls
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the new level is called bulletin. it will be used to warn about possible attacks from terror groups or individuals inspired by terrorists. it is meant to create a general sense of awareness but it carries specific actions to respond to attacks. >> the public should expect an increased presence of law enforcement across communities in the weeks ahead. more stringent security should also be anticipated that public places and events. erika: this new bulletin zeros in on so-called self radicalized actors that may target public events. the victims of last summer' s attack on a tennessee naval reserve center are being awarded purple hearts. for marines including thomas sullivan and a sailor were killed and what the fbi is calling a terrorist attack. mohammed abdulaziz was inspired by terrace. asian stocks are up. the u.s. federal reserve raised interest rates for the first
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u.s. stock futures are higher right now but the dow rallied yesterday jumping 224 points. commercial flights are cube or are one step closer to taking off. the u.s. and cuba have reached an understanding on restoring regular flights here that service expected to start in the next few months. this is the biggest business deal struck so far as the countries try to normalize relations. right now american and cuban travelers must fly on charter flights. uber may be getting a boost from facebook. the companies are teaming up to allow users to book a ride through facebook' s messenger app. it also allows payment information to be saved for uber users. emily: a check of the trending stories on the eye. a christian college professor is suspended for a comment about christians and muslims. students held a protest at wheaton college to reinstate
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she recently said that christians and muslims worship the same god started wearing a headscarf. and the school says hawkins was placed on leave saying it is important faculty speak about public issues in a way that represents the college' s statement of faith. erika: a new start up in seattle will pay for your wedding but there is a catch. they will give you $10,000 towards the big day but if your union falls apart at any time, you would have to pay that money back with interest. the company sets an interest rate based on a review of your relationship. money from divorces will go to cover other weddings. emily: amby wambaugh plays her final game. china. women' includes last season' championship. >> sign says do not come in unless you are tom brady. emily: a young cancer'
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cancer patient asked to meet tom brady. this morning her wish is one step closer to becoming a reality. haley stewart is being treated at a maine hospital. her room is a tribute to her favorite team. brady her favorite player. haley knows the qu b has a soft spot for kids and she is hoping he can make it to come true. >> if i ever met him, i would finally pass out. erika: me, too. a representative for the patriots tells our sister station that the team will be reaching out to haley and her family. stil l ahead, a local teenager meets his idol. emily: why lebron james says the teen is the real hero. plenty of people are stocking up for holiday company but three
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emily: community leaders are an edge after another shooting in boston. a man was shot in the back last night near mass ave and washington hours after a rally trying to make the neighborhood safer. the south end has seen for shootings this week. another peace marches planned for tonight. is under investigation. exit 20. police say the driver lost into a pickup truck. emily: a survivor of the boston marathon attack has died. away this described as a sudden and liz.
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he had shrapnel wounds all over his body. his parents were also seriously injured. his father losing a leg. a funeral mass of the health of saturday. erika: a chicago police officer has been indicting the shooting death of a black teenager. officer jason van dyke is charged with murder and is due in court tomorrow. dashcam video shows laquan mcdonald was shot 16 times as he walked away from officers. he was holding a knife at the time. civil rights investigation is underway. emily: secretary of defense ash carter is facing criticism over his use of a personal e-mail account for some government business. that is against the state department rules. white house officials say carter continued the practice for two months after it was publicly revealed that hillary clinton used a private e-mail as secretary of state. a spokesperson for carter says the secretary admits it was a mistake. erika: the bruins clinch a shutout over the pittsburgh penguins.
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jimmy hayes doubles that in the second. 3-0 the final score. the celtics not faring so well in detroit. isaiah thomas knocking down 38 points in the hard-fought loss. they get it to within a point. 19 seconds to go but the pistons take it away. and the c' s lose this one 119-116. emily: a surprise meeting for a new in teenager. aaron miller met lebron james at tuesday night' s game against the cavs. aaron was introduced as one of the celtics heroes. james says he noticed the team was wearing specially designed sneakers with james' name. at the end of the game, james gave miller his sneakers. really exciting moment for him. erika: a great story.
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emily: we are talking about some rain. mike: green showing up on our weather map. we have mild air showing up put you notice what is happening. as this warm air pushes him, you' re going to notice how the humidity comes up and the temperature as well. right now it is relatively cool, readings in the 30' s. concern about freezing drizzle here or there but i do not think it is a big issue pdf to get north of portsmouth before becomes an issue. here are the timelines of the showers. 11:00 this morning, hit-or-miss stuff. once we get to this afternoon, this is 2:00. he start to see more and more rain showing up on radar. as we head towards the evening commute, it looks like heavy downpours. right now the indications are that most of this will be south of the mass pike. inland you are going to be dealing with bobby conditions because there is so much moisture in the air and you have got cool air. that is why there will be some fog in land as we had to the
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by 9:00, these get it showers will be with us through most of the night. overnight we will start to clear things away. except at the cape. you may hang onto clouds tomorrow. a spotty shower is a possibility. here is what is happening. low-pressure traveling along the front that is giving us the rain. i want to point out a couple other features. cold air comes into place. now we have a little disturbance going on. we have got moisture coming off the great lakes. all that combined together that it is not of the question we could see an isolated snow squall. a spot flurry second shop on saturday' s forecast. otherwise, windy. you will notice the cold temperatures at 50 degrees. not a big issue. talking about this air -- how fast does it move? we have this pocket of cold air for saturday and sunday. but then this moves on out and we go back into a mild weather pattern. notice what happens. by monday and tuesday, we are back into the 50' s. that is just the beginning of the warming trend because by
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